Floor and Wall Tile Designs inside Casinos

Floor and tile design assist with creating the imagery desired by the brand of the casino. It helps build the ambience, along with the other materials used, from velvets and leather in private rooms, or to wooden bar stools depending on what casino you’re in. The idea is to make the experience memorable and to ensure that you remember the brand and style of the casino you were in, based on textures that you find in it. The most common ways casinos do this is through floor and wall tiling reminiscent sometimes of the games you play in the casino.

Tile Designs Found in Casinos

Casinos are big on using pattern designed tiles. The reason being is because of their picturesque feel and qualities. You can find anything, from rich coloured tiles painted in burgundy reds to royal blues accented by golden hues in oriental shapes. In the same breath, the tile designs can be created using golden hues against black stony backdrops to channel an opulent feel in the casino. Another phenomenon is tiling design inspired by your casino games, from Baccarat to Roulette, often mimicking the shapes found within the games. The plan is dependent on the type of atmosphere wanted by the casino.

The Types of Tiles in Casinos

A lot of casinos are big on mosaic tiles, mainly for the patterns that you can create, as well as the mixed textures of materials used to craft the designs. A lot of casino floors use mosaics, created either by limestone or travertine, while a lot of the more prominent establishments choose marble tiles which are famous for their glossy finish. Another choice amongst casinos is mosaic glass tiles, usually found on the walls for their more expensive and luxurious appeal. A lot of these tile textures though are chosen for their glossy effects.