Tiles and Interior Design

Welcome to the wonderful world of home design and using tiles to create an atmosphere in your house.

Join us as we explore the different tiling selections and ways in which you can improve the environment in your home just by changing the tiles. Tiles are most commonly manufactured from a ceramic material; however, you do also get those made from wood, or even slate. Allow us to explain to you the pros and cons of each and the applications that would be best suited to them.

Explore your available options for the different rooms in your home and discover how colour can make a world of difference. Understand the importance of easy to clean surfaces in specific spaces like a babies room, and gain insight into how the right tiles can create a professional atmosphere in your office.

These days many people are more outgoing and bold in their tile selections, and patterns and geometric shapes are considered the norm. Allow us to guide you in creating designs that will reflect your personality. Most tiling suppliers sell ready-made design strips; however, creating something unique is always a fun and exciting twist when building a home.

Tiles are not only made for the floors, but wall tiles are also equally useful in many rooms of the home. While they provide beauty to the area, the functionality is what warrants them a necessity. We will show you how wall tiles in your kitchen and bathroom can create a more clean and appealing look, and how just a few strategically placed tiles can cut your cleaning time in half.

Discover what to look for in a tiling contractor, and pick up a tip or two on how to make the right selection. Tiling opens up a world of possibilities for your home, you merely need to know what you are looking for, and how to put what’s in your head, into your home.