Choosing the Right Floor Tiles Design for Your Living Room

The living room is known as the heart of your home. You are bound to entertain guests in it at some point, and depending on the kind of house that you have, and whether you have a reception hall, entrance hall, or not, your living room could be the first impression your guests have of your home after the exterior. It is then critical to consider the kind of floor design you have in your home. According to psychology, people look at your feet or shoes first when introduced to you, meaning your tiles are next to be seen, so here are some tips.

Living Room Do’s to Consider

Your floor, like your wall, contributes to a considerable space in your home, meaning, how you make use of it can make or break your overall design. When taking this into consideration, you should keep your floor tiles as neutral as possible, with a plan that won’t overpower your living room. You can keep it safe by going plain, or you can add a design detail on your tiles that’s just simple enough it doesn’t overwhelm your other living room features. You may also want to choose a design that will be on par with trends to come.

Living Room Faux Pas to Consider

The main living room faux pas is a tile design that overpowers everything in the place, by either having a too bright pattern which doesn’t match your furniture or your wall features. A garish tile design can also make for an eyesore, especially if it isn’t on trend, because you will have difficulty finding living room pieces to finish off your house. Mosaic tiles should rarely be used. Ceramics and marble tiles are much friendlier, as they come in a stone easy to maintain, and in neutral shade ranges.