Tiling Design and Architecture in South African Buildings

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand in the sense that they both encompass every feature of a building, inside and out. Architecture deals with all the structural elements in the interior and exterior, down to the smallest details. Interior design, on the other hand, explores all the possibilities that can be done indoors, taking personal preference into consideration. When constructing a property, you also include the work of a few other professionals such as engineers, building contractors and landscape designers to make sure a new building structure is completed safely right down to the last brick.

Exterior Building Design and Tiling

The use of tiling in building structures is critical because, it does not only complete the look from a person’s aesthetic point of view, but it also means various safety precautions have been taken into consideration. For example, South African homes need multiple cooling and insulation tiles, installed to combat the kind of changeable weather you find in this country. On the aesthetic though, tiled driveways are on trend, and if appropriately established, much more comfortable on the wheels than traditional paving methods. Outdoor tiles, also add a graceful finish to the landscape when chosen correctly.

Interior Building Design and Tiling

Interior design, the fun part of completing a building or home, revolves around choosing character pieces which reflect your personality as a homeowner, or your brand as a business. It is imperative then to take into consideration what tiling options you like. Kitchen and bathroom tiles must always be taken into account, as their maintenance is much higher than the rest of your home, due to more vigorous use. Your design and colours also need to be timeless to flow with the rest of your interior. Your living rooms and dining area allow for more creativity.