Cooling Tile Options for South African Home Owners

Cooling tiles are a necessary home feature to consider when finishing your home off in South Africa. They are imperative to think of, especially when considering the kind of climate you are most likely to brave in your region. Cooling tiles all generally provide the same thing, which is the action of reducing heat but, when choosing, you want the most benefits from the brand of tiles that you select. For one, you don’t want to think about the colour of your paint, because of a cooling roof that doesn’t quite carry all the benefits on offer.

Understanding the South African Climate

South Africa is one of the warmer countries with a climate that ranges from the Mediterranean to Subtropical, even experiencing mild rains in the summer. It is also known for having dry desert regions meaning a cooling roof is not necessarily optional but imperative to have. Furthermore, you don’t want to waste money by adding unnecessary electrical cooling features in your home due to not planning correctly. You can also save on energy by installing a cooling roof tile because your maintenance is then lowered and less restoration is needed.

The Best Cooling Tile Options

It is not until recently that South Africans used cooling tiles for the roof. This is mainly due to slow development in some areas, and the benefits of a cooling tile not being taken into consideration, due to the chosen structure of the house and the roof style selected to go with it. You can go with a flat roof or cement tiling. The tricky thing with flat roof tiles is that they tend to insulate more heat and don’t quite have the added benefit of cement tiling which is much easier to coat. Of the two, cement tiling goes a much longer way due to ease of covering them.