Choice Tile Textures to Choose From For Your Interior

Tile textures are very important to consider when designing your home interior and exterior. Factors such as durability, maintenance, as well as appeal come into play as they all need to work together. It is very easy to over look maintenance and durability over appeal, while maintenance and durability also seem amazing, but the question of safety depending on whether you have a young home, or a matured one. Your choice ranges from Ceramic, Porcelain, Wood Look, Granite, Slate, Stone and Pebbles, and many more. Here we are going to look at two versatile flooring tile textures favoured for their appeal.

Considering the Marble Tile Texture Indoors

Marble tile textures have been trending recently mainly for their appeal when used in kitchens as counter tops. The marble texture is made from a stone known to come in a large variety of colours. Marble tiles were originally used as floor tiles, and still are today, coming in a variety of finishes from polished, to honed and even brushed. These finishes all determine the kind of maintenance you will have to give to the stone, but the beauty of marble, is mainly its durability and luxurious appeal. More recently though, has been its use in kitchen designs over granite.

Choosing the Quartzite Tile Texture Indoors

Quartzite tiles have long been a favourite amongst home owners due to durability. The texture is quite versatile from its flooring use indoors and also outdoors, to its use in fireplace features as a finish. What makes this tile texture unique is also its wide range of colours that it comes with, as well as its textures depending on the type of finish that you go with. Quartzite is a type of rock, and therefore you do find designers and homeowners who try to keep the finish as natural as possible, while others like to finesse a smoother finish.